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Tak Logic Unveils Lure Lock

January 19, 2018 1 min read

Lure Lock Will Change the Fishing Tackle Storage Game

Ettrick, Wisconsin – Tak Logic is excited to announce the launch of Lure Lock, a new product for the angler looking to take their fishing tackle storage to the next level. 

Lure Lock has taken the standard plastic utility box and placed a proprietary gel into the bottom of the trays, which secures hooks, terminal tackle and lures and prevents them from jostling around during travel. The Lure Lock system is simple to use, just place your tackle on the gel and it will be there when you need it. Even when the Lure Lock boxes are turned upside down or shaken, tackle stays perfectly in place.

“We know anglers and outdoorsman have wanted something like this in their tackle boxes for many years,” stated Jessica Kriesel, Marketing Manager of Lure Lock. “We are looking forward to seeing how helpful it will become to all anglers, from the weekend fisherman to the top tour level professional angler.”

For the angler that already has an abundance of plastic utility boxes, Lure Lock offers their gel material inserts separately for purchase, allowing anglers to turn any tackle box into a Lure Lock box.