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Fly Lock Roll Up Bag

From hoping into your buddies fishing boat, walking the bank to find that special fishing spot, or having your key  fly lures ready to go for easy access, the Fly Lock Roll-Up Bag gives a fisherman the ability to load up his favorite fly lures and be on the go, all while knowing their lures are secured in place with Tak Logic® Technology GEL.

 The Fly Lock Roll-Up Bag can be rolled up and stored in any direction, and baits will all be held in place.  The Roll-Up Bag is easy to clean should dirt, sand or fish slime get on it and the Tak Logic® Technology GEL will NOT leave any residue behind on your favorite fishing lures.

If you are worried about packing light for an upcoming fishing trip, the Roll-Up Bag is what you need, it is light weight, easy to carry, and can fit into small places, all while being constructed of a sturdy and clear polyurethane, meaning it will not rip and you can see your next lure of choice.

Key Features:

  • The Fly Lock Roll-Up Bag can be rolled up and stored vertically (or in any direction), holding all your baits in place for any period of time
  • Cleanable & Reusable
  • Will not leave residue behind
  • Light weight, easy to carry, and can fit into small places
  • Clear hook shield to prevent hooks from poking you as you open the bag
  • Constructed of a sturdy and clear polyurethane to maximize visibility of your lures


Overall: 28"L x 10" W

TAK area: 22" L x 10" W

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