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“Light It Up” LED Box

The “Light It Up” LED Box features a LED light strip down the center of the box underneath the Tak Logic® Technology. 


Great for charging Glow–In-The-Dark Lures and Ice fishing jigs. Ideal for night fishing, bow fishing, and catfishing. 

The Tak Logic® Technology holds your lures and other items in place even in temperatures below zero. The Tak Logic Technology is scent-free, leaves no residue, easy to clean, is environmentally safe, and won’t melt. The “Light It Up” LED Box is made of 100% polypropylene for enhanced durability. The lid is near glass clear for easy visibility of what’s inside. Battery Powered by replaceable battery(s) included.

LLED3-3101 Dimensions: 9 1/8"x5"x1 3/8"


Store your Lure Lock box horizontally to utilize the TAK Technology's full potential.Gravity will activate the TAK's release time. 


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