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Lure Lock Gift Giving Guide

November 22, 2018 2 min read

Does the recipient of your gift...

  1. Seem to already have everything?
    Get them the newest revolutionary tackle box by Lure Lock, with Tak Logic Technology that will protect their prized lures, keep hooks sharp, and make tackle organization easy. They come is three sizes with multiple variations of compartments to meet any fisherperson’s needs.
  2. Fish multiple species, or are they a species-specific fisherperson?
    No matter what type of fishing they like to do, the new Locker system by Lure Lock will allow them to organize their tackle by specific species or by the species they will target on any given day they head to the water. The Locker accomplishes this by holding up to five Lure Lock boxes. Your fisherperson can organize their tackle in each box by types of lures, targeted fish species, or in any manner they like. The variations of the compartments available give them numerous options.
  3. Continually complain about missing fish?
    Get them a Lure Lock Tackle box with Tak Logic Technology. The Tak Logic Technology liner holds lures in place so the hooks are not getting dull by rubbing against the bottom of the box or on the lures. This keeps the hooks sharp, which helps land more fish.
  4. Spend a lot of time untangling the lures in their existing Tackle box?
    Get them a tackle box by Lure Lock with Tak Logic technology that will hold lures in place to help keep the lures organized, looking good and hooks sharp. Also reducing certain language and trips to the first aid kit.
  5. Fish from smaller boats, kayaks or canoes?
    When space is limited, the Lure Lock Locker system eliminates the need to bring too much fishing tackle. The Locker is available in three sizes. Each Locker which holds for up to 5 Lure Lock tackle boxes, and will allow for the organization of the lures you will want to use on your fishing trip taking away the need to bring everything including the kitchen sink.
  6. Wear old and ugly fishing apparel?
    Start them out with a new hat from Lure Lock. They will be trendy (fashionable, stylish, dope, hip, bees knees) and you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with them anymore!